About Kalkutta

Kalkutta is a New Jersey-based, four-member classic and contemporary rock cover band. Kalkutta has been around for more than 8 years and everywhere we’ve played, the crowd response has been overwhelmingly positive. As members of Kalkutta, we love what we do and we do it well.

Kalkutta frequently covers artists such as The Band, Paul Simon, The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jackson Browne, CCR, The Who and Tom Petty. We seek to capture the true spirit of the songs. After a performance, people have often thanked us for bringing back wonderful memories from an earlier, less complicated time in their lives. We all need a break from our day-to-day routine, and Kalkutta does its part in bringing a few hours of joy and pleasure to those listening and dancing to our music. That’s our goal!

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Romit Bhattacharya - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Romit was born in India and was really lucky to have spent 4 incredible years as a young boy in London from 1960 to ’64. Being in the midst of The Beatles and the UK sound, he was completely taken by the music of the times and the experience had a profound and lifelong impact on him. He is our lead singer and rhythm guitarist and throughout his entrepreneurial career for the past three decades, he has never stopped playing. He formed Kalkutta 8 years ago and freely admits that having gone through so many changes, the band has never sounded better than it does today.

Dave Gardner - Lead Guitar

Dave has been playing guitar for over 10 years, and enjoys many types of music including rock, folk, acoustic, jazz, and classical. He has played in many types of bands, including rock bands, acoustic duets, and a few 15-piece big bands, but through it all, his favorite music to play has always been classic rock. In addition to guitar, Dave plays harmonica and flute with the band, and sings backup vocals. He is a truly talented musician and we’re sure you’ll enjoy listening to him.

Bob Stanton - Drums

Bob started playing drums in the third grade and went on to play with concert, marching, and jazz bands throughout his high school years in New Jersey.
Upon graduation, Bob enjoyed success with the new wave act “The Crazies” and were regulars at popular venues such as CBGB’s, Hurrahs and The Dirt Club. Over the next three decades, he went on to play with numerous other cover bands. During this time he continued to improve his technique by studying with the likes of Russ Moy and Jim Chapin.
Bob started teaching a decade ago, establishing his own successful studio. He has taught over 100 students many of whom have gone on to successful music careers. Bob currently endorses SOULTONE cymbals. He is a huge Beatles fan and we are thrilled to have him as our newest member in Kalkutta!

Ernie Warren - Bass Guitar

Ernie started playing bass in 1965 while in the U.S. Army . After an honorable discharge in 1969, he continued playing in various clubs and venues (including the Apollo) in New York and New Jersey. In 1971 Ernie joined a successful wedding band which lasted almost 30 years. Thereafter, he joined Paul's band (our current keyboard player) for a number of years and eventually, Paul and Ernie both hooked up with Kalkutta. Ernie likes to say that it has been a long road for him but that you're never too old to Rock and Roll. Along with being a talented bassist, Ernie adds flair as a backup and lead vocalist.

Contact us at kalkutta@verizon.net.
Photos by Ginger Whistle Photography